Legal Consulting
Identify and manage all possible risks with our help. Do not let your legal business processes turn more complex than you were expecting
Corporate Law Issues
US$ 3700
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  • We will define your company's policy
  • We will provide securities lending transactions
  • We will prepare documents for meetings with shareholders and the Board of Directors
  • We will help liquidate the legal entity
Business registration
US$ 3600
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  • We will choose the right legal and tax systems
  • We will advise you on all issues of business creation and registration
  • We will prepare all the constituent documents you may need
  • We will sign and seal agreements between partners, defining areas of responsibility
Intellectual Property
US$ 3400
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  • We will assist in protecting your innovative ideas and technologies
  • We will retain the intellectual property rights related to early termination due to its non-use
  • We will provide an expert opinion on intellectual property rights violations
  • We will protect your intellectual property rights in court
Due diligence
US$ 3000
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  • We will make fundamental Due Diligence research for your business with a deep analysis of the crucial risks
  • We provide you with a comprehensive review of operating and financial status, management staff, and market and management risks and the ways of risks minimizing
US$ 3500
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  • We will resolve and win legal disputes in the UK, the USA, and the EU
  • We will provide securities lending transactions
  • We will consult you to make the right decision on the legal protection
  • We will ensure the execution of the decision made by the executive authorities
US$ 3600
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  • We deal with both personal and business bankruptcy case
  • We will conduct a comprehensive pre-bankruptcy audit of your company to analyze all possible legal risks in case of bankruptcy
  • We will provide you will bankruptcy consulting
Prices don't include out of pocket expenses and depend on the request.
For startups
Lawyers for startup boost
  • Get help with choosing the right jurisdiction and legal form of your business
  • Make and create, we will protect your intellectual property
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For companies
Ultimate legal solutions for online and offline business
  • Ultimate legal solutions for online and offline business
  • Trust us to deal with litigation in the EU, the UK, the USA
  • Let us make due diligence of any transactions, including buying a new business
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You asked, we are answering
What scope of service does the Full Advisory Consulting include?
We can offer you our professional advice on a certain situation, legal opinions on a particular issues, or our support in negotiations and civil cases litigation. We also provide full advisory consulting which means monthly basis services.
How should I prepare before contacting a legal consultant?
Be ready to tell your story in a clear and logical order. You might want to write down important points you want to say. Make a list of questions you want to ask, and keep prepared all the letters and documents about your case.
What type of legal consulting can I benefit from online?
Save your time and get full support from our legal experts online. We’re ready to discuss all the issues you or your business faces and all the problems you need to solve. Our team will find the best solution for your particular case regardless of your current location.
What are the main benefits of outsourcing legal consulting services?
Reduce your costs on a full-time legal consultant and outsource all your legal processes. We will become an integral part of your business processes and help you optimize them and build the effective working structure.
What are key practice areas?
Our experts team specializes in providing full-circle services including legal consulting for intellectual property and personal data issues, managing of all the processes linked with corporate law, business registration and due diligence, M&A transactions, business relocating and structuring for companies, startups and individuals.
Is the information I tell you confidential?
Communications between you and us are absolutely confidential. You can give us all the facts relevant to your business without fear that the information will become public. Complete terms on how we process the information received you may find in our Privacy Policy.