You asked, we're answering
1. What is a global growth agency?
Growth agencies focus on improving all aspects of your digital and traditional marketing methods and tools, considering your overall growth strategy. They lead a company from an idea to success, developing each particular aspect of its marketing and sales.
2. What does KeyGroup agency do?
3. Is the information I tell you confidential?
Communications between you and us are absolutely confidential. You can give us all the facts relevant to your business without fear that the information will become public. Complete terms on how we process the information received you may find in our Privacy Policy.
4. Where are you based?
We are located in Hong Kong, China. You can find us at 15/F., BOC Group Life Assurance Tower 136 Des Voeux Road Central
5. Do you run international and local projects?
Yes, we do! Our international team of professionals works both in local and international markets. Taking into account the specific requirements of the market, we do our best for you!
6. How are you different from other agencies?
Together, we create change that matters for your business. KeyGroup is not a support team, it is beyond it. We are your digital family that helps you to get the best.
7. How much do your services cost?
To determine the final price, we make an appointment with our clients and analyze their particular cases. In this case, we can clearly understand how long it will take and how many KeyGroup team members will be involved.
8. What experience does KeyGroup have?
KeyGroup has over 10 years of experience in startup development and business growth. Clients with businesses in 150+ countries worldwide trust us. With full-cycle services for digital growth our team will boost your business.
9. How long does it take to see results from your services?
We build a unique strategy for each particular client. The strategy is based on where the client currently is, what resources the client has, and what the client needs to develop. Our company will help you to see real results faster if you already have your website, generate high-quality content, and use effective sales channels. If not, it will take some time. Remember, a successful strategy is a long-term play.
10. How can I understand if my strategy is successful?
To understand if your marketing and sales strategy is effective you need to analyze the results against your business goals. There are a lot of different metrics that you can use to do it, but you need to get which ones are giving you more information and helping to analyze real ROI. Do not worry, we will help you!
11. How much does it cost to work with an agency? Are there any additional costs?
The price for our services is based on the hours needed to implement your marketing and sales strategies and achieve the related goals. Each strategy is unique, and the cost is determined for each particular case.
12. Why choose KeyGroup Agency?
We use an individual approach to work with each client, taking into account the size of the business, the market situation, and the current state of the company. Using modern business tools and techniques for growth and development our team will boost your company in the digital space.