Human Resource Management (HRM)
We work to optimize the recruitment process of your company, save you time and help you cope with the uncertainty of the business environment
USD 950
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  • We will take over the recruiting process of your company to attract the right candidates. You will reduce your costs and be able able to concentrate on other business tasks
  • We will provide you with mass or spot recruitment types, regardless of your industry and current location
  • We will find the solutions to retain your best employees
  • We will take care of the onboarding process
Training and Career Development
USD 1200
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  • We will create an effective HRM plan
  • We will improve Employee Recruiting and Retention
  • We adapt human resource management strategies to the needs of the company's clients
  • We will increase the company's ability to achieve its goals
Compensation and benefits
USD 600
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  • We will develop reward packages and benefits for your company to attract top talents
  • We will take over budgeting and monitoring personnel costs
  • We will manage your employees' motivation, calculate their bonuses and salary
  • We will develop a social insurance concept for your business, including various types of insurance, workers' compensation for sports, meals, and travel
Employee adaptation
USD 700
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  • We will help employees become more adaptable and efficient
  • We will make an individual plan for the career development for each employee
  • We will create successful team-building activities to increase your employees' productivity
  • We coordinate the work of new employees
Organizational Culture Development
USD 1500
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  • We will determine the needs of your employees for training, professional and personal development
  • We will make a system of training activities to control their progress, develop personal and professional skills, and support learning
  • We will include the training system of your employees in the corporate motivation system
  • We will help you collect training feedback
HR Strategies
USD 2000
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  • We will analyze your current HR strategy
  • We segment your employees depending on their involvement in transformational processes
  • We will provide you with the best tips on HR programs and software for your business
  • We develop a new HR strategy together with you, your employees, and crowdsourcing tools
HR PR branding
USD 3500
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  • We will advise your employees on unique offers
  • We will find the right way to present relevant information on your HR brand
  • We will help create an effective mission for your company
  • We will promote your company as an attractive employer on the Internet and social networks
Prices don't include out of pocket expenses and depend on the request.
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How many candidates do you usually shortlist for interviews?
4-6 shortlisted candidates that meet the client's requirements are enough.
What is HR management?
HRM helps the company's human resources department to improve the quality of provided services provided by recruiting talents and managing your organizational culture.
What is the role of HR services?
Human Resources services manage important duties including talent management, compensation and employee benefits, training and development, compliance, and workplace safety. Your HR department should provide organizational structure and the ability to meet your business needs by effectively managing the employee lifecycle.
What companies need HR the most?
KeyGroup provides financial, legal, and HR services for small and medium-sized businesses since those types of enterprises can't handle them on their own. In this case, the company can focus on its development and growth.
How can you protect our data?
We conclude a service contract according to the Federal Data Protection Act. Your data will be archived and copied several times.
Do you attract overseas candidates?
Yes, we do! We select candidates using local and international recruiting channels.
How can we help?
If you’re not sure where to start, contact us and we’ll walk you through the first steps!
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