We are working on your company's image, making the target audience more engaged, and building strong public relations
PR strategies
USD 1800
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  • PR strategies for local and global markets
  • Identifying priority goals and objectives for your business, key results to be achieved
  • Getting your audience more engaged
  • Building the right image for your business
Reputation audit
USD 2000
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  • Identifying weak points in your business and its image
  • Analyzing the competition
  • Building a perfect brand image and assessing the result
  • Delivering all the necessary reports
PR support
USD 1600
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  • Professional event management with PR support
  • Support on every step of creation and development of business
  • Building a firm relationship with the public
  • Bolstering your business’s image and raising brand awareness
PR & personal branding
USD 1700
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  • Building a compelling leader image to catalyze the business performance
  • Generating interest in new products and services
  • Making your business more investment attractive
  • Acquisition of desired professionals for your business
Media event support
USD 1600
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  • Press conferences or any other media events
  • Generating interest of influencers and industry experts in your brand
  • Press releases on top digital media platforms
  • Photo and video support for your events
PR Crisis Management
USD 1800
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  • Support and express-adjustment of your brand or personality image
  • Neutralizing fallout from a crisis or a media disaster, restoring reputation
  • Stemming your brand’s reputational risks
  • Building positive perception of your business
Prices don't include out of pocket expenses and depend on the request.
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You asked, we’re answering
What is PR for the digital growth of my business?
Ready to boost your business in the digital space? Our team uses digital PR as a promotional tactic to increase your brands online presence.
Be sure it will help you to drive your brand awareness, traffic to a website, links which increase organic rankings, sales, social following and engagement. Digital PR is a key tool to make the online space talk about you!
How much time and money should I spend on PR?
The main point of your digital PR campaign is your budget. If you haven’t considered what your budget is, then you’re probably not ready for digital PR. Remember that what you spend on your PR should be considered as investments in your business. We work with different budgets, so we will find the optimal solution for your particular needs.
When and where is PR most effective?
Digital PR is a key tool to promote your business in the digital space. It helps build your brand's identity, both online and offline at the same time. Moreover, by releasing regular articles and press releases from your company, your target audience and potential clients will soon realize that your brand has a lot to offer.
Do you run international and specific local PR campaigns?
Yes we do! Our international team of professionals work both on local digital and international markets. Taking into account the specific requirements of the market, we do our best for you!
What are your agency’s PR capabilities?
Working with us you receive the full pack of PR services including reputation management, crisis management, social media, press releases, media relations, speech writing and internal communications. We take care of event planning, market research, copywriting and Influencer management.
How can I evaluate the effectiveness of the PR campaign provided?
There are several ways to measure how effective your PR campaign is. You can use the number of new followers and average monthly post reach on your social media. The number of likes, retweets and shares can help to measure post-campaign social engagement.
How are you different from other PR agencies?
Together, we create change that matters for your business. Key Group is not a PR support team, it is beyond it. We are your digital family that helps you to get the best.
Can PR increase my online and offline sales?
Sure! By keeping the press and the society informed about your brand, business services, and products, we can help you to build relationships with key audiences, and ultimately boost sales both online and offline.
Do you work with personal and sponsorship PR?
Sponsorship and personal PR are the integrated part of our work. We pay special attention to the right promotional campaign of top managers and the board members taking into account their personal and professional images together. Furthermore, we work with the investment attractiveness of your brand looking for the ways to allure sponsors for your events
Can you manage event planning and production?
Planning any sort of event can get complex, in this case you may need professional help. Be sure, our team is ready to promote a new company product, inform customers about your company promotions, foster positive media attention, gain the attention of potential employees and clients, and encourage company investments.
How can we help?
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