Sales Funnels
Let's launch the sales funnel from scratch. Analyze business processes, define triggers and configure an automatic chain of messages
Analysis of a product/service
USD 800
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  • We make your target audience portrait, analyze all its headaches, needs, and potential benefits as well as we create product matrix
  • We create USP and offers for your clients
  • We build content supply chains
  • We analyze and segment your subscribers and followers
USD 1200
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  • We will analyze your current scripts and training materials
  • We will check out your current sales funnels
  • We will analyze your CRM system including your newsletter, chats in messengers with target audience audience, and calls.
  • As soon as the analysis is done, we will start working on optimizing your messages and letters, landing pages as well as advertising schedules
Automated sales funnels development
USD 1200
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  • We develop online marketing strategies through automated sales funnels that based on a step-by-step scheme
  • We prescribe algorithms and chains of interaction with the client, set up a schedule for sending letters, prescribe each letter and add a picture.
  • We add clickable buttons for targeted actions to each email that will be sent to your client
  • We launch ads campaigns, evaluate their relevance and efficiency in attracting interested clients
Sales funnels
USD 1500
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  • We will develop and design a product line for further implementation into your sales funnels
  • We will draw up strategies for sales funnels based on data analysis and the created USP
  • We will develop each stage of the sales funnel independently and then combine them into a single system according to terms of reference and the flowchart
  • We make click sales funnel for different target actions and prepare textual and visual content to make your clients more engaged
Prices don't include out of pocket expenses and depend on the request.
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What is a sales funnel?
Auto funnel is a complex of marketing actions aimed at constant interaction with a potential client, unobtrusively leading him to a targeted action. That is, high-quality worked out steps allow you to gradually prepare your potential client to purchase your main product by offering cheaper and free ones.
Who can benefit from auto sales funnel?
Automated sales funnels are useful for both individual entrepreneurs and companies. They help:

— strengthen your market position and the level of competitiveness,

— increase the profitability and awareness of your brand,

— increase your base of leads,

— boost the efficiency of your business by focusing only on the needs of your target audience.

The automated sales funnel can be implemented regardless of whether you provide goods or services. They are aimed at giving you the opportunity to automate the communication process with potential clients, which allows you to efficiently convert leads to sales with no time wasting.
How long does it take to implement a sales funnel?
The sales funnels implementation depends on the complexity and number of marketing tools used. It usually takes from 2 to 6 months for a small project.
Why should I choose you?
We not only build sales funnels but also create unit-economics models and promotion strategies. You can order a full package of services we provide.
Why do you need to study the target audience?
We need to do it for successful sales funnel binding. Since there is no template option, each case requires careful analysis. We will analyze your industry and target audience to find the most effective option for you.
What is a lead magnet and why is it needed?
A lead magnet is a valuable offer or incentive — usually a content download, demo, or free trial — behind a post-click landing page.
How can we help?
In case you don’t know where to start, let’s make a call and find out what you need!
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