Sales Сoaching
Personal work with managers of your company who conclude large transactions, as well as managers and owners in the format of individual development of sales skills
Sales Analysis
USD 1800
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  • We will analyze and study the data needed using surveys, training modules, and practical questions
  • We will examine the gaps in the sales skills of your employees and fill the gaps with the knowledge needed
  • We will teach your employees how to recognize buying signals and potentially successful deals using the correct closing techniques
  • We will teach you to negotiate higher prices and avoid unnecessary discounts
USD 1000
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  • We will select the best training technologies
  • We will conduct effective training sessions based on the client's requirements to develop the employees' skills
  • We will strengthen the communication skills of your team
  • We will strengthen the level of your expertise
  • We will boost your system and conceptual thinking
Facilitating strategic sessions
USD 1200
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  • We will improve the competitiveness of the company
  • We will form a corporate vision and strategy
  • We will improve the team and cross-functional collaboration and coordination
  • We will develop the right formats and methods of collaboration
Individual consulting
USD 1900
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  • We will improve your business communication with colleagues and employees
  • We will make a real action plan for improving your business and start achieving the goals today
  • We will build a system to achieve effectively short-term and long-term goals
  • We will develop your employees' necessary skills to make your business stronger
USD 1800
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  • We will help you get sales skills
  • We will help you with analyzing project management in the company
  • We will conduct a skills & knowledge check of your project management team
  • We will make an action plan to improve the company's Project Management System
  • We will find the best ways to boost the skills of your product managers
Checking reports
USD 1000
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  • We will analyze Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat of the company
  • We will prepare all necessary reports with your top managers
  • We will create a detailed development plan for every single employee
Prices don't include out of pocket expenses and depend on the request.
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What is sales coaching?
It is a way of improving sales managers' skills to accelerate the stable sales growth of the company. It is the only tool that allows you to be one step ahead of the market in the new reality.
How can coaching help?
Using sales coaching methods, you analyze the level of personal motivation of each sales manager and lead them to success. It will help you to set tasks that go beyond the usual chain of client-product-sale. Moreover, you can bring innovations to your business and rapidly boost it.
How much is it?
You can choose an affordable tariff for solving specific business tasks or pay for a one-time coaching session to get help with a spot issue.
What is your unique method?
Working with KeyGroup is focus on achieving specific and measurable business indicators and multiple your company's growths. We work with your company by improving the skills and business behavior of each employee and leading your team to success.
What is the difference between a coach and a teacher?
Teachers are sharing general knowledge and talking about stable trends and the directions we are moving to. Coaches help your business to use the knowledge received, set the corporate goals, and develop the skills of each employee.
How can we help?
In case you don’t know where to start, let’s make a call and find out what you need!
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