Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Are you looking for great content for your social media? We create content that sells and converts. No matter the industry or trends: we attract clients worldwide and work with various business types
SMM strategy development
USD 500
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  • We analyze your target audience's segments, including genders, age, social affiliation, behavioral stereotypes, lifestyle, consumption motives, etc
  • Get a complete analysis of your competitors on all social networks
  • We work on the right brand positioning, develop a USP and help you gain more competitive advantages
  • Let us define KPI goals and metrics needed
Text and visual content making
USD 200
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  • We will make a content plan for each social network you use
  • We will create stunning posts and stories covers as well as templates and highlight design
  • Get a visually appealing Instagram with us
  • Be sure your content will be published on time according to the developed plan
  • We will make giveaways and other activities to engage your audience
Working with communities
USD 300
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  • We will help you figure out the main tasks for your brand community
  • Let's create a positive image in the digital space
  • We do our best to make a loyal client community for your brand
  • Get your post engagement and coverage increased
Targeted advertising
USD 400
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  • We will launch and manage your targeted advertising
  • We will attract target customers at all the locations you need
  • Our goal is to develop the right strategy to set up the right advertising campaign
  • Get all the necessary reports on our work
Influencer marketing
USD 250
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  • We will select the right influencers that meet certain criteria for your brand promotion
  • We will advertise your brand with top bloggers in your industry
  • We will get any bloggers and social media influencers you need in touch with you
  • We will adapt your product to the style of the influencer you work with, but we will highlight it against other content
Social Media Audit
USD 200
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  • We will make an overall analysis of your accounts' design on social media
  • Get the quality of your audience verified, including its accessibility, authenticity, and activity
  • We will analyze the results of previous advertising activities (if available)
  • We will build promotion strategies based on the analysis
Prices don't include out of pocket expenses and depend on the request.
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You asked, we’re answering
What is the benefit of SMM?
With SMM support, you will get a loyal audience, reaches and sales boosted, increasing your brand presence, local and global promotion, requests and calls numbers increased, more visitors and potential clients, a better reputation and trust level, and brand new quality traffic.
Does SMM mean only posts publication? What exactly are you focused on?
Our work as SMM specialists begins with analyzing the client's business. We analyze the industry competitors and target audience. We make a content plan and design for your accounts according to the main requirements. We create and publish content and communicate with your digital community and target audience. We seed your content to scatter it across the Internet and advertise your brand on influencers' accounts. We constantly analyze the results to see what can we can improve.
How will social media help my business?
Social networks mean millions of users and new audiences where you can find your potential clients. Social media and the support of your specialists will lead your business to success!
How will you keep the audience active and engaged?
To keep the audience active and engaged, we provide communicative and entertaining content. The real superpower of SMM is to make your followers interested in communication. We use a large set of proven tools for increasing activity and engagement levels, which we will introduce into your project.
Is it necessary to answer the questions of my page's visitors and their comments to the posts?
Yes! Social networks are meant to provide a quick answer to questions: 71% of consumers who quickly received an answer will recommend the brand to others.
How much does the SMM promotion of my project cost?
Leave your request or contact our managers to get the exact price for your particular case.
Why should I choose you?
We can give you more than only SMM services. Currently, we are developing our marketing department. That means we can offer you more services for the digital promotion of your brand. By choosing us, you don't need to worry about finding a good IT contractor for your business.
Should my company have as many social networks as possible?
It depends on your company's size, goals, and financial capabilities. It is always better to start with 1-2 social networks used by your target audience.
Do you hack subscribers?
Our company does not use services to hack subscribers since it is inefficient and spoils the brand's reputation. We always provide detailed reports on the work done. You will see how many subscribers came through targeted advertising and who came organically.
How do you differ from your competitors?
Together we create changes that are really important for your business. Key Group is not just an SMM support team. We are the digital family that helps you achieve results!
How can we help?
In case you don’t know where to start, let’s make a call and find out what you need!
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